When Do I Bag It?

I am new to this author thing. I have written three manuscripts and I have yet to get representation to get one published. I obviously think my ability to write is good enough to get it published or else I would not be sending it to complete strangers for consideration. It is a HUGE risk as a writer to put oneself out there for constant ridicule and rejection. Writing is extremely personal for me, especially the subject and reason I wrote the Livi Bug series.

That being said, when do I know when to bag this idea and chalk it up to a pipe dream? How many form rejections must a person endure before getting the hint? I have received the “this profession (literary agency) is a highly subject one and someone else will love your work” line quite a few times now. The count continues to increase daily. I believe in my writing and in my work, but how do I know if I am delusional. I have nightmares of agents reading my manuscript, laughing hysterically at my cruddy writing, and then writing me an e-mail through stifled laughter that politely tells me that it is not for them even though they want to tell me it sucks. I also think about all the other millions of people who submit their work thinking it is fantastic when it clearly is not. Am I one of those people?

I am well aware that this could be my paranoia, but what if it isn’t? How do you know, as a writer, when to give up the dream and move on? If you could not tell, this project means a lot to me. I wrote it for my daughter and it will always be for her. I figured that putting it out there would be a “no harm no foul”, nothing to lose scenario (forgive the clichés). This is still my truth regardless of what anyone else thinks of what I have done. I know that even writing a manuscript is a huge accomplishment and I will honestly say that I am proud of myself. Is the next step something that is feasible?


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