What Writing Should Be

My students are struggling with the idea of writing. In today’s society, the written word is extremely important. For example, what I am doing right now is a product of language. But what my students are really struggling with is creative writing. They don’t understand why they need to write poetry or tell stories. They don’t understand just how important it is that they learn these skills.

First, creative writing comes from the heart. It is a way to express one’s emotions on paper. This is HUGE in an age where face to face contact is at a minimum and emotions stay bottled up. Poetry in particular, allows the author a new voice and viewpoint. It is amazing what my students produce when they put some heart in it. My biggest advice to my students is to write about what you are passionate about. If you feel it, you can write about it. It really is that simple.

Secondly, creative writing enables the writer to be concise in their language use. I stress to my students that everything an author does has purpose. Every word is chosen carefully. Every punctuation mark is placed with care. There are no accidents in creative writing. This emphasizes the importance of thinking before you speak (or write). It broadens vocabulary and encourages thoughtful language, which is important since I find my students to be extremely reactive without thought.

Finally, creative writing is essential because it passes on stories. Every story comes from somewhere in the realm of fact. It is always someone’s wonderings, thoughts or feelings. Every piece of fiction comes from reality. Every manuscript, published or unpublished, is essential to the world. Stories matter. Each and every one.

These are my truths about writing. They are why I write. Getting published would be nice, but in reality I wrote the Livi Bug series because I wanted to put my heart on paper. I wanted to write my truths for other people to read. I wanted to pass on my story to my daughter and give her something special forever. Whether everyone else gets to love them too, is optional.


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