Why Students Make Great Critics!

I have a student in my class who is well read, articulate, and an all around great kid. She reads constantly and can write beautifully, so I decided to take a chance. I handed her the piece of my unfinished middle grade historical fiction/sci-fi novel that I have been working on. I will be honest, I have not been so nervous for anyone to read my work EVER. The reason being, kids are honest and sometimes brutally. I value and respect them for it. Therefore,I was bracing myself for the worst. She gave me some of the most helpful feedback I have received to date. She said she loved the concept but I should make a few tweeks and additions. Don’t get me wrong. I understand perfectly that she is not an agent, publisher, or actual critic. But she is the audience. She is one of the people who I would hope to have reading my novel. It was a fantastic experience and I would do it again. I highly recommend it for others out there as well.


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