Support System Not Optional

With anything I have ever done, I have not done it alone. There have been people behind me, listening to my freak-out panic attacks when things got difficult. People who have talked me down and pushed me forward. People who have pissed me off to the point that I wanted to accomplish it just to prove them wrong. People who have inspired me to be the best me I can be.

I felt I needed to dedicate a blog post to those people. Without them, I would not have the incredible life I have today. My husband is  the biggest supporter I will ever have and it is the reason I love him. I am insane. The things I dream of and try to attempt, sometimes sound ridiculous. Example. I had a baby six months ago. When she was a month old I decided to write a children’s picture book conceptualized because of her. Then a few months later I decided to try to get it published. Most husbands probably would have laughed at their wives or called them crazy. Mine did not. Even if he thinks it, he pretends that I am not insane and keeps “write” on encouraging me. (Sorry I had to.) After many rejections and not much luck, he still believes in me.

Being married to me is not easy. I am not close to perfect, but I try really hard to be a little better every day. To learn, grow and learn some more. Writing is a passion I have always had and I love him for loving that about me. He is understanding even when he doesn’t understand and that is a true support system. Without the love and help of others, there are only dreams and not realities.



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  1. Good for you, never give up on your dreams

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