Getting Sick Opportune?

Over the last few days I have been really sick. Even as I sit here and write this, I definitely don’t feel super great (my ears have the hearing ability of an eighty-year-old man right now). I do not like being sick, but I am definitely glad my body told me to slow down. Well, let’s be honest, my husband told me to slow down too and I was not happy about it.

Lately, I have been going at a pace that was absolutely unsustainable. Working, Mommying, and writing, plus all of the other more menial tasks that I have to get done in a twenty-four hour day. There is another reason though, that I am glad I was not able to write. It made me slow down and think. Just because my body slows down, does not mean my mind does. I am writing one of the more important scenes in the book and it made me slow down and really think about it strategically. I considered how I wanted to write it and what it would look like in my head as the words came off my fingers.

It has also taught me that I am not superman. There are only so many things that I can accomplish at a time. I am very driven, tenacious and stubborn. No one tells me I can’t do something, even my body. But maybe, it is important that I slow down and don’t kill myself before I get to complete the things I am working on. Plus, my husband might end up killing me too.


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