Round Two DING DING. After a first attempt at getting published with my picture books and not being very successful, I am trying again. I do not consider the first attempt a failure, even though I was unsuccessful at getting an agent, because I learned a lot. I also believe that somewhere in the cosmic sphere that I will leave it alone for a while and at some time it will work out.

While I was waiting, I wrote a novel. You know, because I have nothing else to do (did you catch the sarcasm). Now, I am going to try and get my middle grade novel published. I have queried a select few agents that I would LOVE to work with. They are like my “reach schools” when you apply to college. Actually, I have the exact same anxiety waiting for responses and praying that one of them says they are interested. Just getting a partial request would be a thrill. But again, I believe that what is meant to be will be, as cheesy as it sounds.

Obviously, I believe deeply in this novel or I would not be trying for round two. I wrote this book for every middle school boy who feels like they are a round peg being forced into a square hole. I teach special education and I see it every day. I wanted to give these boys a voice and tell them they can do great things. Being dorky is wonderful (from personal experience). I try to show them that every day. I think this novel is another way to show them that being different can be amazing.

I also, am glaringly aware, that actions speak louder than words. I am constantly trying to show my students that anything is possible. Now that I have a daughter, I also constantly think about how my actions will affect what I want to teach her. So here we go again.

Optimism can be difficult to come by, especially when something so personal is being put on display for rejection. When you have so many hopes and wishes for what this novel would mean. But, in the long run the optimism is the only thing that keeps us going. Here is to hoping that someone connects with what I have written, so it can also connect with lots of other kids. And now, I wait in optimism.


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