New Year New Challenges

Okay. So 2013 was the year of “I just need to finish the book.” I actually wrote a novel (and a few picture book manuscripts too). It was the year of becoming a writing machine. It was the year of balancing being mommy, wife, teacher, and writer (which I think I am doing alright at for now). I learned about tons of great contests, supportive writers and critique partners, and I am finally getting the hang of getting my work out there.

Now 2014 will the year of perfecting the art. Finishing the manuscript is great, but I am never one to revel in my accomplishments too long. On to the next Everest-sized task. Getting representation. This entails, polishing, editing, revising, then repeat about a thousand more times. It means branching out and writing a few something elses too (currently working on a YA novel I am psyched about). What it truly means though, is never losing my love of the art. Writing lights me up. Coming up with new ideas, characters, plot twists, stretching my imagination and what I think I am capable of.

For all of my writer friends, here is to a 2014 where your dreams come true and you do what you love without losing sight of it *drink alcoholic beverage of choice*.


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  1. We are on a similar path for 2014 wishing you well and hope to here of your success along the way of learning this craft.

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