The Doldrums: Sitting and Waiting

Although I try to keep myself busy, there are those moments when you sit and stare at your computer hoping for someone to send you an e-mail, even if it is a rejection. Since I sent out my queries in batches and I am working on another contest (go team Sun #sunvssnow), now I must wait.


I know what you are going to say: “Start another project.” Oh, I have. But no matter how much I try to ignore the fact that I am patiently waiting for responses, they haunt me. Clocks melt around me like in the Dali painting. Every time I get an e-mail alert on my phone, I jump. It’s kind of obnoxious actually. I know my husband finds it super annoying. But I can’t help it.

I may be a little overly confident, but I have always believed that if you work hard enough, anything is possible. Trust me, I have been working VERY HARD. The MG novel I am querying now got three full edits before I started submitting. I have done my homework on agents and have submitted to those that I am truly passionate about. I am reading books on voice and edits/revisions. I have begun a new and very different NA novel that I am also super excited about, even in its infancy.

Let me be honest. I have received MANY rejection letters from agents who I respect highly and truly value their opinion. But I know it only takes one. Every agent on the planet doesn’t need to fight over my work. I don’t need eighteen offers of representation because in the end I only need one agent. Like in my last post, it will take time for me to find the writing husband/wife of my dreams, but I am confident they are out there.

Unfortunately, that means I need to sit in the doldrums and wait. Ugh!


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