Why CP’s are AMAZING!

Even though I didn’t get any requests from #sunvssnow, I got something even better. I got myself a CP.

I met the incredible Janet Wrenn (@KitaraLeMur or www.janetwrenn.com) and she proved to be immeasurably helpful in kicking the crap out of my query letter. Then, she generously critiqued my entire manuscript, showing me issues I never would have seen. On top of all that amazingness, she let me read her novel which was fan-freaking-tastic.

At first, I didn’t understand what the big deal was about finding a CP. After accidentally stumbling across a wonderful CP, I have learned valuable lessons. It is crucial that another writer or writers read your work. They have the insight to help you make the writing better and point out gaps that I definitely would not have found on my own. She also pointed out a ridiculous weakness I had and then I slaughtered certain words with a chainsaw.

CP’s need to have a similar writing style to you in some way. Janet and I have very similar voices. Even though we write very different topics, genres and categories, we have similar ways of telling the story. This gives the CP an appreciation for the things you do really well so you get some good feedback too.

The most important reason every writer needs a CP they trust, is to make you better. I learned an incredible amount in the short amount of time I have been working with my CP. It is also affecting how I am writing my new WIP as well. Always strive to be better. A great CP can help you do that. FIND ONE! NOW!


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