How Do You Choose

I like to use this blog as a space to interact, not to preach. So here is the question…when do you choose first over third narrator. I currently have an adult contemporary novel that I am editing the crap out of (literally) and I have two separate versions of the draft. The initial, that I wrote completely in first person and another that I started to revise into third. 

Here is where my head is at…

I like first because I want her voice, story and perspective to be loud and clear. It’s a very unique situation and I want her to shine. However, I know there are limitations to first person, especially in perspective obviously. So how do you choose? How do you know which way your heart and gut are pulling you? Is this where cp’s come in? I have been brooding over this for days and it is hindering the entire editing process. So I now put it out there to the word press world. Ready….Go…


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  1. charnellpeters

    Great question! I had a teacher tell me that you only know by writing. So it’s great that you have both drafts going! Maybe go a bit further…see which one feels the best. Which one are you making better edits to, etc… Also someone else’s valuable opinion is probably worth considering!

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