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I took a break from writing. Those words are hard for me to type because it’s something that I love. At the time, it was necessary though. I just discovered I was going to be having my beautiful second daughter, I already had my one-year-old at home and my family required my full attention. I’m not bitter or angry, surprising so. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Getting back into writing has been hard. Starting a routine, beginning the process of querying all over again, just figuring out where to begin. The last few weeks have been challenging, but they have taught me a lot.

I am stronger than I thought. I can balance more, do more, create more than I believed I could. I’ve finished half a novel in the last month and I think that is something to celebrate. My energy for pushing my other books has been renewed. Rejection can wear on you. As much as I wanted to believe that it didn’t affect me, it definitely did. Let’s be honest, you would have to be a robot to not feel some kind of way about agents saying, “great, but no thanks”.

I’ve participated in a few pitch contests in the last weeks and I’ve gotten some nibbles. Definitely more than before. I’m much more optimistic this time. Some space has healed my wounds and I’m ready to make it happen. I’m going to make it happen. But I couldn’t have done this a year ago.

Sometimes, it’s not the right time. Sometimes, the stars don’t align. Sometimes, you need to step back and gain some perspective.

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Handling Rejection

Several posts by agents have left me a little perturbed lately. I often see them post that they receive nasty e-mails in response to rejection letters. I’m going to say what they can’t and won’t because they are professional human beings.

You are one in one million trying to get your book published. You are an infinitesimal speck in a sea of people trying to get agents and get their work published. There are a ton of reasons agents pass. Your book doesn’t fit them, there really isn’t a market out there for it right now, they didn’t love the query letter, or maybe, just maybe your work isn’t that great. I know that last one is a tough one to swallow. It’s your work and it’s personal. I get it. But do not get indignant and jackass-esque because they don’t want to sign you on the spot.

Agents have a job to do. Let them do it. For all you know, they are doing you a favor by passing on your work. Allow it to fuel you and make the work better. Go back and look at the query letter again. Look at the work again. Do more research on which agents to query. But please hear me when I say this: acting like a jerk and sending them mean, unprofessional e-mails will not get you very far. Agents talk to other agents. Don’t burn bridges you haven’t even come to yet.

Rejection sucks. I don’t have a published novel and I have got a TON of rejection letters. But have faith that your day will come. Being mean to people won’t make it get here any faster.

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