Six Month Hiatus: Getting Agented and Other Things

It’s been six months since I last posted (in case you didn’t look at the post dates). That doesn’t seem possible, but it is and a lot has happened. Let’s start at the beginning.


Yes. It actually happened and I had to pinch myself a few times before it became very, very real. Jen Hunt at The Booker Albert Agency requested my manuscript through #PitchtoPublication almost a year ago now (September 2015). She was the only request I received and it wasn’t even during the actual contest…it was after the window closed through Twitter.

Let me clear. I’d participated in several contests and sent over 200 queries (over 4 manuscripts). None of them successful. I’d gotten some requests, but nothing stuck. I put a lot of work into #PitchtoPublication and did not get a single request. Little did I know that my writing was good, but I liked to write things that agents can’t sell. That is not a winning combination.

I moved on. I wrote something else. Another something, that it turns out agents didn’t feel like they could sell (I got that note over and over again).

I considered quitting, at least for a little while. Sometimes space and perspective are the best medicine. But another idea lodged itself inside my brain and wouldn’t let go. So I wrote some more and started to love it again.

That’s when I got an e-mail from Jen, five months later, on February 2nd asking if my new adult manuscript was still available and if we could talk.

Now we are working on edits and a plan to sub it to publishers. That last sentence feels very surreal. I still have a hard time believing it actually happened. On my 31st birthday I was ready to give up and now to type that I have representation for one of my novels is incredible. But it goes to show you how fast things can turn around.

Don’t give up. You will feel like you want to cave a million times before you get there. My advice for what it’s worth:

-Keep writing…you get better with every word that goes on the page

-Surround yourself with supportive and brilliant CP’s…We boost each other up and I learn from them constantly! (Thanks Becca, Meredith, and Maura <3)

-Be true to yourself…Don’t jump on board with what an agent wants unless it’s what you want. It’s your book.

-Love writing…we all want to hold our very own novel in the palm of our hands. But it’s the stories that have to drive us. Your stories are worth it.



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3 responses to “Six Month Hiatus: Getting Agented and Other Things

  1. Woohoo! I just look knew something great would happen for you!! Congratulations!!!

  2. That is so good to hear, never give up it can happen. Thanks for a great message to all us dreamers out there.

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