You Own Your Own Business…No Really

The past three years have been a shock to the system and quite the learning curve for me. I started out not having a clue about publishing. I literally Googled “how do you get a picture book published” after I wrote my first manuscript. 

From there the shock got deeper when I decided to submit to agents. No responses and lots of outright “no thank you’s” provided a rude awakening.

And because that just wasn’t enough, I decided to write a young adult novel. I did a ton more research the second time. I found cp’s, entered a couple contests and actually got into one, had a few agent requests but again didn’t get very far.

I repeated the process another three times. Yep. Glutton for punishment. But for three years I put in countless hours of work. I didn’t make any money. I endured endless rejection. My ego didn’t get any bigger but my writing did. But I did find invaluable people and resources who have helped me along the way.

My writing became a personal business. I worked hard to hone my skills, learn about craft, learn the business of publishing (still have a long way to go in this department) and made connections. It was a business from go because it was more than a hobby from the start. 

If you want to get published it has become a business. Other fun things have to be sacrificed. Professionalism has to be practiced. You must learn and ask questions and work hard and repeat. Then you get to write a book and another book and another book. Nothing will be handed to you. You will make little to no money. But you will get published. Just keep at it. 


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  1. Very good advice. I have been on a huge learning curve with my picture book and agree you hone those skills learn all you can and keep practicing your craft. Experience is necessary in any trade. I look back at my almost finished book, at the beginning say two years ago and my writing and illustrations have evolved. What a great thing, we can choose to learn and thrive. All the best.

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