The Difference a Year Can Make

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with one of my best writer friends with our families! I’m so excited I can hardly wait. I met the wonderful Meredith through Twitter. We were both writers trying to make something happen. Our snark bonded us instantly, but over the following months we became friends.

A little over a year ago she was going to be in the area, so we met up at a popular coffee shop in DC. It’s nerve-wracking meeting someone in person you’ve only ever talked to online (I don’t know how people do it dating). But we sat down and bonded over fatty food, caffeine, books, and writing. We’d both been at the writing thing for a while and talked about our journeys. What our goals are. We talked about our families as we both have young kids and supportive husbands. Our friendship was sealed.

Over the next few months we both went through some difficult times as writers. I almost gave up multiple times. She always talked me out of it. We were both frustrated by the query process, and exhausted with trying to make it work. But we pushed each other. She got a brilliant idea for a new novel and took off with it. I got an idea too and decided to write because I love it and not to find something outside of myself.

Now, a year later, we both have agents. I am a WAY better writer (I won’t speak for her because she was always awesome). We have helped each other through difficult times. Meeting up with her tomorrow has brought out the nostalgia in me. I’m so lucky to have Meredith as a friend. We joke about one day being on a panel at a conference together. Honestly, I’m just so glad to know her.

Going from aggravated, frustrated, and at times hopeless, to now agented is quite a leap for a little over a year. But it happens. It happens when you have wonderful people behind you supporting your work and supporting you. It happens with a community you can count on. It happens with the support of your family. It happens with hard work, dedication, and continual growth. It happens with never giving up and never letting your friends give up either.

So what’s the point of all this? Writing is important. If you read my blog it’s probably important to you too. But don’t lose site of the other things that are important. Without my friends and family I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. Surround yourself with wonderful people and anything is possible.



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2 responses to “The Difference a Year Can Make

  1. We’re both so happy for you! Hopefully we’ll see your book on shelves soon 🙂

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