My Writing

Finished Manuscripts

Naked Truth- 63K YA

When Shelby Derwood’s father dies of cancer, she gets sent to Timonium Acres (T&A) to live with her nudist grandmother. No photography among the nudists, but Shelby doesn’t want to crack a lens anyway. She meets Dino, the spontaneous M.I.T. accepted genius and Dylan the Greek god of the school. But when Shelby and Dino get caught skinny dipping in a compromising position by Dylan’s jealous ex-girlfriend, she has to expose her naked truth to save their friendship and Dino’s scholarship.

In the Space Between- 60K YA

In In the Space Between, Seventeen-year-old Sydney suffers from frequent panic attacks and anxiety. Her world crumbles after her mother forces her to have an abortion and then tells her children she’s pregnant. As Sydney makes crucial decisions for her own well-being, she discovers that even in the darkest, most difficult of times, small rays of sunlight can peak through. She also begins to see the far reaching ripples of consequence that her anxiety causes. They aren’t all completely awful.

Sugar Baby- 72K NA
In Sugar Baby, Pretty Woman meets Sex in the City when Drea Lee, a broke art student, agrees to a sex-for-stuff arrangement with a wealthy corporate lawyer. But four years later, after a successful career and two new men added to the picture, she is forced to confront her jaded reality of relationships when all three men find themselves in the same room and not everyone is who they seem.

Welcome H.O.E.M.- 60K YA

In Welcome H.O.E.M., Quantum Leap meets Agents of SHIELD when Mason, a fifteen-year-old ADHD case, gets a volunteer gig at a H.O.E.M. where he travels through stored memories inside historical objects that are supposed to teach him a lesson. But when Mason’s abilities start transcending the realm of what everyone thought possible and Sadie, his partner in crime is betrayed by someone close to her, they must work together to save their brains and the world’s history from terrorist hackers.

Optimus’ Guide to Getting What You Want-PB

Optimus, the Pekinese, always gets what he wants because he’s a tenth degree Getwhatchuwanna Dog Master of Persuasion. When Isabelle doesn’t get that third piece of cake she wants, Optimus offers her the mother-load; access to all the top secret puppy persuasion techniques. But, as they soon discover, the skills don’t really cross over from one species to the other. And don’t you dare ask about begging!

Livi Lady Bug Picture Book Series: “The Adventures of Livi Bug” follow a precocious five year old ladybug on her quirky quests to discover the life lessons every child can relate to. In Livi the Nocturnal, she discovers why ladybugs are not meant to be up all night, even if it is a lot of fun. Livi the Responsible shows how Livi gets “sponsible” enough to get a pet for her birthday. Livi the Termite Tracker follows Livi after she gets Woody her termite pet and he gets out of the cage, let loose in their log house. Finally, Livi the Fort Builder shows Livi and her dad having some rainy day fun, building a reading fort and sharing a story.


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